Miniature Cows

Most people that want a home milker don’t know there are smaller versions of the big cows. They are easier to care, don’t need as much land to be on, the amount of feed(including hay) is much less and handling them is easier as well. The amount of milk they give depends on their genetics so this is why I like the midsize Jersey. The photo below is of my standard Jersey, Bess, and an Irish Dexter bull, Red Bull. This cross is wonderful for many reasons. Calves are known as Belfair’s and many are brindle(tiger stripes) when the bull is a wild red. They will give 4-6 gallons a day but the amount does depend on the quality and amount of feed they eat in a day.


There is a big difference between a standard size cow and a midsize. Below are a few examples. 


You can’t help but see the difference in size from Annie and Ella. Side by side is the best way to tell. Annie by herself is taller than the top rail of the panel. Ella in the last photo is below the top rail of the panel.




MMR RB Carly – 3/12/16: Carly a Dexter/Jersey cross that spent her first freshening at the dairy so she was on milk test. Her mom is a twin so I’ll be watching her for sure for twins at some point. She is not Polled so her horn buds have been burned off. There is a hint of brindle stripes on her.  She is the tallest of the Dexter/Jersey crosses and the dairy qualities show on her. ***UPDATE: she is a home milker, she is bred her next calf in Mar/Apr 2021. **If you notice Carly is darker in the front from her head to her shoulders, this is the wild red gene and I’m very happy she carries it.



MMR Ella – 8/16/16 is a heifer with a half belt on her right side, other is black.








References for cattle used in the breeding program in years past.
MMR BB Red Bull has sired our first set of heifers out of the standard cows. Holstein, Jersey & Dutch Belted cows were bred to him. Our first calves were born in 2015 so those heifers will be bred to the mini Jersey bull this summer. Red Bull has been sold and is in his new herd but his legacy will continue here with his daughters. At this time there are 6 of his daughters but the next batch of heifers are getting ready to calve at the dairy so the number will go higher real soon.

Dash – 5/5/15: This is the mini Jersey bull. He is mild tempered and I’m happy about that. He’s never tried to kick me and as of 3/2/16, has a ring in his nose to keep him that way. Dash will be breeding all the cows and heifers this summer for the calves in 2017. So far this year he’s bred 2 short Dexter cows, Bess and a Dexter/Jersey heifer. 3 of them have passed their cycle dates with no sign of repeating so far.

Jupiter’s Last Dance (Bess) 4/22/12 is a mid sized Jersey that we’ve had from a yearling. She’s a nice cow that gave us our first Dexter cross in 2015, a heifer and Polled, look for Elsa below. 4 days early, Bess had another heifer and I’m a very happy lady. Bella is a dream. Scroll down to the calves of 2016 to see her. On 6/14/16 Bess was confirmed bred to a mini Jersey bull for a Feb. 2017 calf. If it’s a bull calf, I may keep him for breeding.
Bess was A2A2