For the most part cows feed their calves but there are times you may need to bottle feed or you choose to. Please keep in mind that when you bottle feed the calf has a higher chance of dying. The # 1  killer of calves that are bottle fed is scours. They tend to not scour when they nurse their mom’s. Bacteria in the gut is the cause of scours but there is the regular kind that you can treat and they do well or there is E-coli scours that will usually take it’s toll and you loose them after weeks of treating them. It will run through the calves in a heartbeat. You have to keep those with scours away from the other calves and from each other. What I have found helps wonderfully is to start at 3-4 days old giving 1cc of Excenel one time a day(goes in the muscle). It is by a vet only so be prepared for a vet bill. You will not escape a vet bill when you have cattle.