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                                                                                                  MilkMaidRanch Nash's Silhouette
                                 1st Generation, 4th Freshener, 28.5" tall, production is 1 gallon, 1 quart & 1 cup per day
Silly is the daughter to Nodaway ER Arwen(photo right) and Ivy Gables OB Nashville. One of triplets, she is long legged and has the personality of her dam which I adore. Silly is the image of Nash, therefore her name. I expect some good udders on her daughters. I have to say Silly was somewhat of an ugly duckling for over a year. Never happy with the photo's till she matured. She was worth the wait and has come into her own growing wise.  The picture of her udder was taken on 3/14/13 and her 1st freshening was in Dec. 2012. In Nov. 2015 she had twin doelings and both are Cou Blanc and retained for breeding.  She is now bred to Deuce for March kids. On this date: 11/18/16, she is still being milked and producing 10 cups per day, her last kidding was a year ago this month. 
Grand Champion & Best Doe In Show Summer V Show with MDGA 
Silly was in the summer V-Show with MDGA and this is what the judge had to say about her: Judge Todd Biddle: "In our AOM 3 years and under 4 class, we have a single entry.  She is worthy of blue recognition on her merits of dairy strength and mammary system.  I appreciate her openness of rib and pleasing shape, width, and height to the rear udder." She also was Grand Champion in the AOM classes under Jean Lucas. 

Silly was in the Fall V Show with MDGA as well and this is what the judges said - Tamara Taylor said: Doe 2 has the advantage in General Appearance in that she is a longer bodied, longer necked doe. She is not only longer in the rump but also more level. She is also more open in the hind legs, showing greater width between the hocks.  And from Tim Flickinger - 2 over one for her length of loin and rump. Blending more smoothly into front end assembly and also strength to rear pasterns.  Reserve CH AOM Sr doe comes from the over 2 dry class. She maintains so much general appearance over the remaining does it out weighs the what mammaries are present in the other does and the lack of capacity/ lateral attachment the does that are milking exhibit.  She is longer and leveler in topline and shows more angulation throughout
                     Sire's Sire: CornerStone Farm STS Obadiah
Sire: Ivy Gables OB Nashville (1st gen MDGA & TMGR)
                     Sire's Dam: Iron-Rod STG Sustina
                                                   Great Grandsire: Nodaway Spirit of Endurance *B
                     Dam's Sire: Nixon's Enduring Reason
                                                   Great Granddam: Nixon's DC Camille
Dam: Nodaway ER Arwen (AGS) French
                                                   Great Grandsire: GCH Nodaway Dragon Slayer ++*B
                     Dam's Dam: Nodaway Sly Gabrielle
                                                    Great Granddam: GCH Nodaway Friendly Aubrey 4*M

                                     STANDARD ALPINE DOE'S

                                             Dreamfire Junebug

June is a French bred, standard, that is a twin sister to the doe under her on this page. She is from Lynn Fancher in Cresson, TX at Dreamfire Farm.  I was needing to add some new bloodlines to the herd and as I like the French girls the best, I thought Lynn may have some. I was going to just go look, RIGHT! Both girls came home with me that same day and they fit right in. Great to work with and easygoing. June is my pick of the 2 but Java has a way about her that you can't ignore. She was bred to Hi Ho Silver for a late April kid and had a doe kid that I'll be retaining, Jitterbug. I've had Junebug in the milkstand and she's doing great .




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Patteran shiner Darling                                                                                                                                                     


Dream-Fire MHA Exquisite  
Munchin' Hill Aurek
KJ-Farm Doo Wop 




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