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                          Kunekune (Coonie Coonie)

Kunekune pigs are from New Zealand. They are very common there but in the mid 1990's were almost extinct. Some were taken to Great Britain in 1995 and 97. From there they came to the USA and today the breed is now off the Endangered Spe. List. There are 16 sow bloodlines and 7 boar lines in the United States today.
 This breed is a wonderful heritage pig for anyone that wants to homestead with only a few acres or larger property. The Kunekune breed is smaller than the  well known pigs we know as bacon. They grow between 250-375lbs. Very people friendly and super smart, these pigs are grazers so they are a bit easier on your pocketbook. Colorful is an understatement as they are known to be rather flashy in looks. There are groups on Facebook for this breed so take a look. 



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