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Here is Sarabi as an 8 month old weanling(left), playing on the round bales of hay as a yearling, and with Montego Bay. This is a good photo to show the height difference of the Standard sized dairy goats and the Miniatures. Montego was a yearling in this photo.
 ***Make sure you read the Terms of Sale below!***

There won't be any kids for sale till after they are weaned(April 2017). I reserve the right to retain any kid or calf out of a doe or cow that dies after kidding or calving from said doe or cow.  

**Terms of Sale: A $75(each) non refundable deposit will hold each goat of choice (I do have Paypal), $350(each) non refundable deposit will hold each calf or cow, for 2 weeks so shipping can be arranged. As long as the animal(s) are paid for in full by the day they leave my property, I don't care how they are paid off. Checks are fine as long as they clear by the time said animal(s) leave my property. If the last payment is the date of pick up or delivery, cash will be the last payment. It is this way, for the new owner having the animal and I WILL NOT be stiffed with a bad check. I reserve the right to return a deposit or keep it, for any reason, I or the buyer(meaning the person I talked to or e-mailed), needs to terminate any deal. I reserve the right to terminate any sale for any reason. If the deposit will be returned, it will be by a personal check only, NO cash through the mail. If a doe is sold as a milker I will make sure she is comfortable in the milk stand as I don't milk every doe. Feet will be trimmed, wormed up to date and in good health when they leave me. If an animal does not work out for the new owner, depending on the reason, & within 2 weeks, I may replace the goat or give the $ back, my choice. I can deliver, depending on the distance, or meet a buyer half way(depending on the distance). There is a $75 fuel charge for delivery this includes meeting the buyer half way. When animals are transported by a 3rd person, I am not responsible when the animals have left my property and no $ will be returned to the buyer after they leave me. I have nothing to do with the buyer and the person that has transported said animals. **



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