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The Miniature Cows 

This is an exciting time for us. The Dexter/Dairy Breeds have all been born & the heifer calves are the foundation stock for our program of breeding milkers for the homesteader. The next calves due will be born in throughout 2017. The sire to the calves is a mini Jersey & Panda. We have been doing some AI'ing as well and have a few heifers bred to a Polled, mini Hereford & Kung Fu Panda that are due in Dec 2017/Jan of 2018.  

So come on in and meet the girls and Red Bull. (Red Bull has been put in the Referenced animals at the bottom of the page as he's been sold)


_____________________________________Red Bull & Bess________________________________________
After a few years of breeding Irish Dexter cattle, I've come to like milking a dairy cow in a smaller package. For the past 15 years my focus was on developing the Mini Alpine dairy goats, then I got my first Dexter cows and milked them as well. I was not happy with getting 2 gallons per day from one cow because 2 of my Mini-Alpine's gave me more than that in a day. So, I went to the dairy down the road from me and asked the dairyman if he'd let my Dexter bull breed a few of his virgin heifers. All I wanted were 2 heifers from the breeding's. The next summer Delta and Rita were born and are now part of the herd. Out of 10 heifers bred, they were the only heifers born. We had a good laugh over that. Today it has become the focus on my breeding program with 20 head of cows and using 2 Panda's, a Dexter, mini Hereford & mini Jersey bulls.

Hot Rod - 11/13/15:  I have a feeling this little bull will be the new love of my life. He's half Belted Galloway, half mini Hereford. As we bred Polled Herefords for decades, I can see the Hereford qualities in him already. His job as herd bull will start this year & he's been with a few heifers. UPDATE: his first calf has been born and it's wide belted heifer named Emma. She is also Polled like daddy is. There will be a couple more in July and August but some winter there will be 11 of his calves born. *** HE IS NOT 4 SALE ***


Hot Rod is now 18 months old and has become a sire to his first offspring, a heifer named Emma. There are 2 more cows due this month(June) with his calves. 

4M Mahogany - 4/10/09:  The Hog is a short Dexter cow and has been here from the time she was 5 months old. Very easy going and nice to handle. She's a great mom and does a bang up job of raising strong calves. She's been a bull producer so I'd like a heifer at some point but she's getting on in years. I do milk her and she has the best cream. Produces 2 gal's per day.
Due Date: June 10, 2017 bred to Hot Rod 


Jupiter's Last Dance (Bess) 4/22/12 is a mid sized Jersey that we've had from a yearling. She's a nice cow that gave us our first Dexter cross in 2015, a heifer and Polled, look for Elsa below.  4 days early, Bess had another heifer and I'm a very happy lady. Bella is a dream. Scroll down to the calves of 2016 to see her. On 6/14/16 Bess was confirmed bred to a mini Jersey bull for a Feb. 2017 calf. If it's a bull calf, I may keep him for breeding. 
Due Date: Feb 10, 2017 bred to Dash and had a small bull calf named Norman the first week of Feb. I am thrilled with a bull calf out of her as he will be used for a season or two to get her milking genetics into the other cows calves. Pics will be up in a few days. 
Bess is A2A2


MMR Noir - 8/21/15: Noir is a Holstein/Jersey cross from the dairy that just isn't growing to what the needs of the dairy are. So, she's going to be used in our breeding program and is bred to Hot Rod for a June, 2017 calf. She was a bit on the wild side when she came but soon learned that having her head scratched can be nice. Hot Rod has taken a liking to her and they can normally be seen together.
Due Date: June 6, 2017 bred to Hot Rod
Calving date: June 6, 2017, on her due date with a wide belted heifer named Emma. 

MMR RB Elsa - 5/9/15:  Elsa is Bess' first calf. I was sitting with Bess at the time and was so happy to have a heifer from her. Elsa is also Polled, meaning she will never grow horns. She is a very heavy heifer, & her sire is Red Bull. Elsa is due in Feb with her first calf by a mini Jersey.
Due Date: Feb 20, 2017 bred to Dash
Elsa had an adorable heifer named Bonnie.  


COR Dream's Red Rainbow (Rain) - 11/19/14: Rain is a registered Dexter that is Polled and even though she is by parents that are both long legged, she is short. Negative for PHA & Chondro. For her first breeding she is bred to the mini Jersey bull. This should give her a small calf for her first time. She's a doll of a heifer, halter broke and easy to handle. 
Due Date: Feb 7, 2017 bred to Dash and had a very small heifer named Ava the last week of January. She's a wonderful mom with plenty of milk and Ava is a chunk. 
A1A2 Beta Casin  

MMR RB Delta : 6/20/15  This heifer is the first born from the dairy to a Holstein with Red Bull being her sire. For the most part this cross will be solid black. A good reason to breed solid colored heifers to Panda bulls. Delta was AI'd to a Panda bull on 6/22/16. She can usually be seen with her head in a feed tub.
Due Date: April 20 AI bred to Kung Fu Panda 
Delta had a belted heifer calf named Dawn. With that wonderful dairy udder, Delta is at the dairy and her milk will be tested. She's 45" tall. When she's due to be bred she will be AI'd to a Polled Mini Hereford. 


 6/23/15: Rita is out of a Dutch Belted cow and sired by Red Bull. I can't be happier to have her in the herd. In time I'm sure I'll keep a bull calf from her for the breeding program. She was bred to Hot Rod on 8/1/16 for a May calf. Not as tall as Delta, she's getting stocky. She is really developing nicely & has the Dexter features and is very laid back. 
Due Date: May 31, 2017 bred to Hot Rod  

                                               The Calves of 2016

MMR RB Abby - 3/6/16:  We were surprised when the first of the dairy girls was a week early and had a red heifer. Her name is Abby and her dam is 50% Jersey, 50% Holstein, Red Bull is her sire so she's 50% Dexter/25% Jersey/25% Holstein.  A very friendly girl and I can scratch her all over & POLLED. She's showing more of the Dexter qualities right now.  


MMR RB Bella - 3/11/16: This is Bess' calf from last year. I'm very happy she's had 2 heifers in a row for us. Bella is weaned now and started getting her brindle stripes at 2 months old. She's Polled also. 50% Dexter/50% Jersey. As a yearling she has filled out rather nicely and like her full sister, Elsa, shows the Dexter qualities. She will be bred to Hot Rod in June.

MMR RB Carly - 3/12/16: Carly is the second heifer in a row at the dairy. Her mom is a twin so I'll be watching her for sure for twins when the time comes. She's also 50% Dexter, 25% Jersey and 25% Holstein. With the 3 heifers looking so much alike, they had different colored collars for a while till I could tell them apart. She is not Polled so her horn buds have been burned off. I do believe I'm seeing a hint of brindle starting on her face. At a year old she is taller than her sisters from last year. Being bred to Hot Rod for her first calf next year.

MMR RB Dinah - 6/26/16 is our 4th heifer for 2016. She's out of a Holstein dam but mom carried the red gene. She has bobby socks on her hind legs. A very easy way about her as well. Her dairy qualities show very nicely. Look at her long body. 

MMR Ella - 8/16/16 is a heifer with a half belt on her right side, other is black. She'll be bred to Hot Rod when the time comes. You wouldn't know this is the same calf from the left side. Her dam is a Dutch Belted. She is also Polled like Red Bull is. 

2016 Fall calves

MMR Hanna - 11/5/16 - Another heifer that is a little small. Hanna is 3/4 Jersey and just too cute for words. She's doing very well and an active heifer. Update: our Hanna is really growing and starting to look more Jersey as she ages but boy, has she gotten dark. 


Belted calves are being born
Emma on the left and Dawn on the right, have wonderfully, wide belts. Both of their sires are registered Panda's. Emma is Hot Rod's first calf and Dawn is from an AI breeding to Kung Fu Panda. Throughout the 2017 year, there will be several more belted calves born and hoping to see that Panda faces on some.


The breed below is originally from Holland as are Holstein's. These are called Lineback for the obvious reason. 

MMR HM Iron Rod - 10/14/16 - His sire is Appollo *RC, dam is a Holstein. In time he will be bred to both Bess and Annie for Lineback calves. He will also be bred to the heifers at the dairy that are Linebacks, also listed below.

This new heifer is 100% standard sized but will be in the breeding program when she is of age to breed. Her sire is Allstar Red-ET

MMR HM Avien -  7/1/16

MMR HM Britta -  7/14/16: Her sire is Spruce Haven Spirit

MMR HM Ciska - 12/9/16. Sire is Appollo *RC, dam is Holstein.

More heifers that will be used in the breeding program that are standard sized.

Another Dutch Belted standard heifer that will be used in the breeding program is on the left. She was born the same day as Ella. Being she is a standard sized cow, she'll live at the dairy till she's old enough to breed. On the right is a 3/4% Belgian Blue/25% Holstein. 

Be ready for your mouth to drop when you see this next calf. In time he'll be used in the breeding program and his daughters will be bred to Hot Rod. An interesting cross to be waiting for in a few years. 
10/24/16 This is Bongo a 3/4% Belgian Blue bull calf. The other 25% is Holstein. They are a double muscled breed and get VERY BEEFY!!! At birth he was about 125lbs. He's at the dairy and will be raised as a bull for a time. UPDATE: Bongo is thriving and almost 4 months old now. He'll be coming here in a while to be raised with the other bull calves. This young bull has one of the best temperaments I've seen in a bull calf. 

References for cattle used in the breeding program in years past.

MMR BB Red Bull has sired our first set of heifers out of the standard cows. Holstein, Jersey & Dutch Belted cows were bred to him. Our first calves were born in 2015 so those heifers will be bred to the mini Jersey bull this summer. Red Bull has been sold and is in his new herd but his legacy will continue here with his daughters. At this time there are 6 of his daughters but the next batch of heifers are getting ready to calve at the dairy so the number will go higher real soon.


Dash - 5/5/15: This is the mini Jersey bull. He is mild tempered and I'm happy about that. He's never tried to kick me and as of 3/2/16, has a ring in his nose to keep him that way. Dash will be breeding all the cows and heifers this summer for the calves in 2017. So far this year he's bred 2 short Dexter cows, Bess and a Dexter/Jersey heifer. 3 of them have passed their cycle dates with no sign of repeating so far. 




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