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Miniature Alpine Dairy Goats
Updated 10/29/14

  Well, our breeding season started on 7/5/14 and was earlier than usual, by 2 weeks. Boots and Legacy decided they weren't waiting, so Full Throttle got his first lesson in halter breaking(I like to hand breed the girls). He bred Legacy and Solid Gold bred Boots. I'd love a buckling out of Boots that I can use on the 3rd generation girls. Silly was bred by Solid Gold 7/21/14 & Island Girl with Throttle on 7/20/14. Monterey has also been breed to Throttle. They are on the Breeding Schedule page. ****All the kids by Throttle will be his only kids. He decided he liked being a Hunter Jumper so he found himself at the sale barn. All the girls he bred took on the first breeding. There will be NO repeat breedings to him.  

As for the Irish Dexter cows, I sold the long legged cow but kept her Red, Polled bull calf from 2013. Red Bull did his job when he was 10 months old and bred Mahogany. She is due in March with her next calf. He also bred Bess, the Jersey heifer and she is due in June with her first calf. On September 1st he went 2 miles down the road to visit 10 heifers at the dairy. He's now home and another heifer on the dairy has been picked for him to breed when she comes of age, she is 50% Holstein/50% Belgian Blue. Bred to Red Bull, what an interesting cross this calf will make. Hummm, maybe a new breed of milk/beef cow in the works.   
Look down below for links for other M-Alpine breeders. At the bottom of this page you'll find Loma Verde in Oklahoma & Cherry Butte in Idaho. Also, the link to the MDGA(Miniature Dairy Goat Registry) & the Mini-Alpine group on Yahoo.  


    Sarabi and her last kid 1/2008 at 13 years old.
We are Jehovah's Witnesses so I have put a few of our favorite Scriptures here as we are to take care of His animals.
Proverbs 27:27 And there is a sufficiency of goats’ milk for your food, for the food of your household, and the means of life for your girls.
Revelation 21:4 And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
Callie the Calico 
The herd of 2013 from the left: Montego Bay, Aruba with her hind facing, Boots scratching with Country Queen behind the log, Chianti center with the white band, top of logs is Solid Gold, behind him on his right is Jetta, front: Sungau is Honey, other side of log from Honey is her daughter Chardonnay, other side of Chardonnay is Silly. Bama is in front of Silly but on the other side of the log, doe looking to the left is a standard Alpine, Ava, right of Ava is Esther and to her right is Mercedes. Great Pyrenees is Roo.
   Here in Stephenville, TX we are joining other breeders across the country develop the Miniature Alpine dairy goat. This is done by breeding a standard size Alpine doe (Purebred or American) to a Nigerian Dwarf buck. Our herd has been being developed for over 11 years now & we've seen many changes.   
For us it happened with a few "OOPS" in the herd. I had bought some Nigerian Dwarf doe's and a buck in 2002 and they were in a pasture by themselves. When weaning time came for the Alpine kids I didn't have a small pasture to put them in as the Niger's were in it. I figured they'd get along and put the kids in with them. NEVER did I think the Alpine doelings would cycle along with the Nigerian doe's. This was when our "OOPS" happened. I noticed 2 of the Alpine doelings were developing udders when they were 7 months old. I just thought they were getting good feed. But 2 weeks later I changed my thinking. Both doelings had twins & that was the beginning of our Mini-Alpine herd. Goes to show that some of the things we don't plan are the best.
The doe in the center photo at the top of this page is Sarabi, an Alpine/Nubian doe that was my first goat. She was born to Bea Wells in Lincoln, Calif. I got her as a weanling from Dana Hixon, who taught me how to raise goats. Sarabi was born in Feb, 1995 and on April 9, 2010 she died of old age. She will forever be in my heart and she taught me so many things. I was sitting with her as she took her last breath. I am giving her a place on the site with pictures throughout her life. Whenever I wanted to know what direction to head in to see where the herd was on our 40 acres, all I had to do was call her and she'd answer me which told me what direction to head in. She also was an adoptive mom to many a baby deer and countless kids that needed an extra boost in life. She took each kid and fawn with grace as if they were born to her. She is missed with many tears.
I do like natural photo's of animals, out doing what they do, not when they are in my garden though. So some pictures of them are out in the pasture. My herd is CAE, CL, & Johnnies free. I can't say this enough, I DO NOT SELL MILK, OR MILK PRODUCTS!

Everyone look this way. NOW that I have your attention. WHO WANTS TO PLAY?
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